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An outward looking family-owned company

Since its creation in 1954, the Rousseau cooperage has always based its strength on the same strong values: maintaining tradition, the love of a job well done, the constant pursuit for quality, which led, a few months ago, to the ISO 22000 and PEFC accreditations (see pages 6 and 14), and last but not least, family values.

It is no coincidence that the cooperage trained 10 Best Craftsmen of France (« MOF »), including Julien Rousseau, the founder, his son Jean-Marie (the General Manager) and his grandson Jean-Christophe, manager of the large formats unit. This had never been seen before in the French cooperage industry!

With its rich history, the Rousseau cooperage is soundly looking into the future.


1954 : The company is created. The cooperage originally specialized in building and renovating large formats
1985 : Start of the cooperage activity (with 201 casks for the first year).
1990 : Management change with Jean-Marie as the General Director instead of Julien who retires.
1994 : Beginning of exportation towards the US.
1998 : Exportation to new countries: Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Australia, New Zealand…
2001 : Creation of the Aromatic Profiles Range. Recruitment of Jean-Christophe, who just passed his certificate in Cognac, after 2 years of training in Saint Désir de Lisieux (14).
2003 : The vats and tanks are standardized. The trade activity for Large Volume products is stopped.
2004 : Frédéric is recruited in the company. 5 employees receive the title of Meilleur Ouvrier de France (Best Craftsman of France - MOF), including Julien Rousseau the founder of the company.
2005 : The 1st cask of the Expert Range, piano®, is launched.
2007 : Again, 5 employees receive the title of MOF, making to 10 the number of employees who have the equivalent of a Bachelor’s degree, including Jean-Marie and Jean-Christophe Rousseau (3 generations of MOF in the family).
2008 : In reference to the MOF title, the video® cask is added to the Expert Range.
2010 : The founder, Julien, celebrates his 80th birthday.
2012 : Rousseau obtains the PEFC certificate.
2013 : Rousseau obtains the ISO 22000 certificate.
2014 - 2015 : To celebrate the company’s 60th birthday and to foster its development, all activities will be consolidated in new facilities based in Gevrey-Chambertin.

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