Our commitments

Quality CommitmentsThe Tonnellerie Rousseau has always paid great attention to quality control. A fact witnessed and appreciated by over 800 customers around the world who use our products for wine making and ageing. Over the years we have adopted numerous measures to improve customer service and satisfaction.


Best Craftsman of France (hereafter MOF).
Since its creation in 1954, the Tonnellerie Rousseau has trained and formed 10 MOF, including 3 generations of the Rousseau family. This success is based on a constant pursuit of excellence in the skills and craft of cooperage, and the ambition to offer customers the services of the best coopers in France. The video® cask is the fruit of this initiative and the work undertaken in the development of the Expert Range.

Health and safety

For a number of years we have concentrated on eradicating a recurrent problem in the industry, that of the ‘musty or corky flavor’ (TCA-TCP) produced by the Sanitary Commitmentscasks. In partnership with an independent laboratory with a worldwide reputation in this field, we have developed a number of measures designed to control and eradicate any risk of contamination.

They cover:
- Environment control (production areas, storage areas, logistics vehicles)
- Controlling the raw materials used in the production areas and elsewhere on site
- Controlling the finished products
- Systematically filtering and controlling the water supply
- A ‘Contamination Confinement’ procedure for loading containers

After sales service

We offer personalized After Sales Service to both domestic and export customers.
Our network of specialists, in 17 different countries, reply to customers problems within 48 hours.Skills and Expertise

Skills and Expertise

We have put together a team of experts with over 50 years of combined experience in winemaking and cask ageing. This expertise has been fundamental in the development of a number of our Large Volume Products (tuns and vats) and 57 to 600 litre casks.
Our experts provide solutions for a wide range of casks ageing problems from large capacity ageing to the more traditional or sophisticated products.They also use design and planning software to advise on the construction and installation of cellars and storage tanks.


Providing services and products to international clients has developed our experience with different cultures in over 40 different countries and regions. Our multi-disciplined team can do business and provide services in French, English, Spanish and German.